A classic todo-app

React, Styled Components, Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress, Gitlab CI, deployed on Vercel

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the typical beginners project: A responsive todo webapp with a nice design and a theme changer.

Why did I build this?

The main goal consisted in putting my React skills to the test. Plus, the design from Frontend Mentor is just beautiful.


  • ⛔ little familiarity with React
  • ⛔ little familiarity with testing tools
  • 🤦‍♀️ I didn't consider the mobile design from the beginning and later I encountered difficulties making the app responsive
  • 🙁 projects are more engaging if there is a real client exited about your progress

The solution

  • 🛠️ At first, I just implemented the solution itself and submitted the challenge on the Frontend Mentor site.
  • ✅ About a month later, I revisited the code and added integration tests with Jest, React Testing Library and Cypress.
  • 📝 As of now, this application serves as a playground on which I can test and learn new technologies. Plans for the future are for example adding a login-functionality and storing user data with Firebase.

coded with in Córdoba, Argentina