GFG testbox solution

leveraging embedded systems and the cloud to help cable-manufacturing

ESP32, React, Next.js, Styled Components, AWS Amplify, AWS IoT, DynamoDB, Cypress

see the working project

An Argentinian product to lower costs and difficulties in the manufacturing process of cable sets used in machines like respirators.

⚠️ This project is still work in progress

the problem

  • 🔌 During the manufacturing of cable sets, lots of steps can go wrong, which is why testing the correct functioning of every cable set before shipping is crucial to assure it's quality.
  • 💸 Equipment to test however costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention import costs in Argentina and difficulties with repairs and support. GFG testbox is a local and affordable alternative for Argentinian cable manufacturers. 🇦🇷

my responsibilities

  • ⌨️ refactor the codebase for the ESP32 to make faster changes possible
  • ☁️ integrating the code with AWS IoT to store data about tested cable sets in DynamoDB
  • 🖥️ developing a Frontend so cable manufacturers can manage their data with a web interface from everywhere


  • ⛔ little familiarity with AWS services and Next.js
  • 💰 inconsistent funding, which would cause the project to be put on hold several times
  • 🏔️ A huge amount of ideas and possible requirements that would confuse the scope of the project


  • 🚶‍♂️ Babysteps! With a mountain of good ideas plus inconsistent funding it has been important to ruthlessly prioritize and to take one step at a time.
  • 👂 Listen very carefully to the feedback and needs of the end-user and prioritize accordingly.
  • 💻 By employing the previously mentioned strategies, we were able to make important progress. Although there are still crucial features missing, a first prototype of this product is already being used by an important cable manufacturer in Córdoba.

My Client

Facundo Domenech,
Owner of GFG Informática

Elisabeth surprises with how fast she learns new technologies and integrates them to the project in progress. She is very proactive and independent. I can definetely recommend working with her!


coded with in Córdoba, Argentina